Yama & The Karma Dusters - Up From The Sewers (red) Lp
  • Yama & The Karma Dusters - Up From The Sewers (red) Lp

Yama & The Karma Dusters - Up From The Sewers (red) Lp

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Quintessential underground anarcho-hippie, anti-establishment private press blast by a band (and commune) from Chicago c. 1970, with poetic, sometimes vicious lyrics (Dylan-esque, or Arthur Lee and Love? you decide), and funky, hard-edged bones. Yama & the Karma Dusters (a.k.a. the Euphoria Blimpworks Band) were inter-racial, anti-war, Stop the Bomb, free love hippies, the wildest of the wild kids. They really cook on the up-tempo tracks, sounding like a cross between The Blues Project and Dylan's early electric period band circa 1966, augmented by a violin player. On the hard rockers, founding member Howard Berkman spits out protest without becoming precious, while the band simmers and sizzles. There are melodic folky ballads too, culminating in the gorgeous 'Hello Big City.' The band's ability to mix these elements into a coherent statement - recorded in surprising fidelity - solidify this an overlooked gem of the period. Need to know more? Check out the the massive 16-page gonzo memoir of their hippie commune - you can find out what happened when when Crazy Steve spiked the Gallo jug with acid! Lion exclusive of 150 hand-numbered copies on transparent red vinyl. First legitimate reissue of this anti-establishment private press gem. Comes with an 16-page booklet gonzo memoir of their hippie commune, with tons of photos.

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