Gutierrez, Alfredo Y Los Caporales Del Magdalena - Asi Es...con Salsa! Lp
  • Gutierrez, Alfredo Y Los Caporales Del Magdalena - Asi Es...con Salsa! Lp

Gutierrez, Alfredo Y Los Caporales Del Magdalena - Asi Es...con Salsa! Lp

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[ENG]First time reissue of a legendary and undeservedly obscure salsa collector's album from 1969.Led by rebel accordionist Alfredo Gutiérrez and featuring singer Lucho Pérez of Sonora Dinamita fame, "Así es_ Con salsa!" is just that: raw, heavy duty NYC salsa performed through a Colombian "Costeño" tropical filter, with trombone, accordion and deep bass.Contains three hot bonus tracks in the same style and insert with liner notes."¡Así es_ Con salsa!", by Colombia's Alfredo Gutiérrez y Los Caporales del Magdalena, is a legendary collector's album, yet still undeservedly obscure (and perhaps sonically surprising) for the uninitiated. It's an experimental mash-up of seemingly disparate genres from different origins that on paper would seem to be at cross purposes. Yet at the same time the release is a masterpiece of raw pan-Latin fusion from the dawn of Colombian salsa that holds its own as a bonafide heavy duty pioneering record of the genre, despite its outsider status.Probably the most shocking musical element is Alfredo Gutiérrez's fiery accordion, an unexpected instrument in the idiom of salsa, as it's usually associated with the tropical music of Gutiérrez's Caribbean home region of Sucre. Gutiérrez has always been a provocateur, never shying away from the controversial or outlandish, which has earned him the richly deserved sobriquet, "El Rebelde Del Acordeón" (The Rebel of The Accordion).Gutiérrez started Los Caporales in 1968 as a rival to Discos Fuentes supergroup Los Corraleros de Majagual, and the band had made three popular albums prior to "¡Así es_ Con salsa!", yet most of the repertoire on those records consisted of typical Colombian tropical and coastal rhythms and genres, none were purposely devoted to the newly minted genre of salsa.For this edition of the album, its first reissue on vinyl, we have added several tracks from other Caporales albums that fit in perfectly with the heavy salsa sound of the original LP, including "Sonia quiere un son", another remake...

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