Atamina - Sycophantic Friends Lp

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Catalog number: MRLP21
EAN code: 8710496976674
Release date: 26-2-2018

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Atamina, or actually we should say Dr. Professor Atamina, is one of the protagonists of the new wave of Kologo Power, a music genre and scene that developed in Ghana's North East Region. Kologo Power has spread all over Ghana after King Ayisoba's number one hit 'I Want To See You My Father', and is now conquering the world. Atamina delivers tongue-in-cheek social-critical lyrics, pulling away the carpet under the feet of West Africa's newest bourgeoisies. The music reveals a strong link to the Delta blues with its story-telling, but Atamina can also be regarded as 'the Sleaford Mods of West Africa', due to his stripped beats and obnoxious rants. This edition is limited to only 150 copies.