Los Shapis & Nohemi - El Juguetito/hombre Casado 7"

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EAN code: 7111303461511
Catalog number: RUP22
Release date: 20-1-2022

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A special limited edition single from 1983 reissued from a rare one-off project with blind singer Nohemi (nicknamed as the Kate Bush of the Andes) and written by Los Shapis guitarist and composer Jaime Moreira. On this single Los Shapis take on issues of social problems and extramarital love affairs. The song 'El Juguetito', sung by Nohemi, is about a boy who doesn't have any toys due to poverty in the family and who has ran away/disappeared from home. Nohemi dedicates this song to friends in the intro. 'Hombre Casado' is a duet song between Chapulin and Nohemi about a married man who has regrets about his extramarital love affair and wants to return to his family.