Emicida & Ibeyi - Hacia El Amor (10") 10"
  • Emicida & Ibeyi - Hacia El Amor (10") 10"

Emicida & Ibeyi - Hacia El Amor (10") 10"

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The desire of a collaboration came when Ibeyi were introduced to Emicidas work by a Brazilian friend. Lisa-Kainde explains, " Sometimes you meet an artist and you dont know how or why, but they instantly become a part of your creative family ." Naomi , who is known for incorporating hip hop elements and beats intoIbeyis music, explains further: " We love hip-hop so I've always wanted to work with rappers and when we heard Emicidas music we knew hed be a great collaborator for Ibeyi. " For Emicida finding collaborators from other corners of the globe has naturally been a part of his journey. He recorded the hit "Oasis" alongside the North American singer Miguel, "Olha pro Ceu" with the Japanese of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, "Bonjour" with the French partner Fefe and "Cholonizacion", with the Ecuadorian Guanaco. On working specifically with Ibeyi he explains, "I'm glad we were able to create a sound with such passion that speaks so strongly to our time. I'm a fan of them (Ibeyi), I've been following them for a number of years since the first album, I feel something very important in them, like great Brazilian artists such as Clementina de Jesus, Geraldo Filme and Tia Doca, people who saw in music an opportunity to share their roots with pride."

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