Various - Last Bongo In Belgium (10") 10"
  • Various - Last Bongo In Belgium (10") 10"

Various - Last Bongo In Belgium (10") 10"

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The Stoffige Vingers (Dusty Fingers) crew pays tribute to the era of rare groove compilations and breakbeat bootlegs with a cheeky 10" filled with never before reissued tracks from Belgium. Kicking off with 'Freddy's Fever' by The Jumpers; Belgsploitation funk with wah wah guitars and long percussive breakdowns inna blaxploitation style. 'Move On' is funky glamrock with a block party intro that fell between the cracks of history but still holds its own after all those years. Author Adriaan van Landschoot would later write dance music history with Petra & Co's 'Just Let Go'. Closing off with The Spoetniks and the loungy exotica of 'Jungle Sound'. Side B has the mysterious Harlem Highway come up with a high-octane breakdancing track that makes hiphop DJ's want to buy a second copy to cut things up. Brussels based jazzrock band Sunhouse keep a tight groove in check on 'Bombastic Talk' with loads of catchy loops and no wave trumpets. Finally, things get fuzzy when Bobby Setter & His Combo bang out a Hammond-heavy number that walks a fuzzy line between uptempo popcorn and moddy soul. A great moneysaver as some of the original records are hard to find collector's items. SIDE 1:1. The Jumpers - Freddy's Fever2. Fill' Mon - Move On3. The Spoetniks - Jungle SoundSIDE 2:1. Harlem Highway - Dial My Number2. Sunhouse - Bombastic Talk3. Bobby Setter & Co - Free Love

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