O.s.t. - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (ltd Blue Vinyl) Lp

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[GER]180G AUDIOPHILES VINYLGATEFOLD SLEEVE4-SEITIGES BOOKLETLIMITED EDITION VON 500 NUMMERIERTEN LPs AUF TRANSPARENT BLAUEM VINYL [ENG]180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYLGATEFOLD SLEEVE4-PAGE BOOKLETLIMITED EDITION OF 500 NUMBERED COPIES ON TRANSPARENT BLUE VINYL The groundbreaking 2015 PlayStationr 4 game Everybody'sGone to the Rapture tells the story of the inhabitants of aremote English valley who are caught up in world-shatteringevents beyond their control or understanding. Made by TheChinese Room - the studio responsible for the hauntinglybeautiful Dear Esther - this tale of how people respond in theface of grave adversity is a non-linear, open-world experiencethat pushes innovative interactive storytelling to the nextlevel. This story begins with the end of the world. The gamehas already won GameSpot's Best of E3 and was nominatedfor Best in Show and Best PS4 game by IGN.com.The soundtrack features the music of BAFTA-nominatedcomposer Jessica Curry, who is also joint Studio Head ofthe developer The Chinese Room. The music was recordedat the famed AIR Studios in London and features solo vocalperformances by renowned Welsh soprano Elin ManahanThomas, ethereal choir, and a tragically beautiful orchestralaccompaniment.