Ozawa & The Babylon Band Ft. Jrp Toupe/kufuki & Rifu Otsu - Go Back To The Countryside/the Countryside Is Grea 12"

€ 19.99

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Catalog number: EMTEP1172
Release date: 20-1-2018
Label: EM
EAN code: 4560283217725

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This 12-inch vinyl-only release is the fourth in the series in support of the Kuzoku film 'Bangkok Nites'. Both songs here are covers of 'The Countryside Is Great', a '70s luk thung classic originally sung by Runghpet Laemsing. The song, which plays a pivotal role in the film, is re-titled on the A side by Ozawa and the Babylon Band, who deliver a funky version with winsome vocals by Katsuya Tomita, one of the film's directors, who, as Ozawa, also plays the leading role in the film. The AA side is a version by the Tokyo-based synthesizer quartet Kufuki, with vocals by Rifu Otsu, a singer/voice performer and master of shigin. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.