Fiser, Lubos - Morgiana (10") 10"

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Catalog number: FKRA60
Release date: 1-10-2013
EAN code: 5060099504501

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Regarded as the final ever film of the Czech New Wave, Juraj Herz's Morgiana (alongside Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders) was made after the Prague Spring during Czech cinemas most scrutinised censorship era, deep in the throws of communism. Spearheading a micro-cosmic sub-genre of horror fantasy or scary/fairytales alongside Karel Kachyna's Mala Morska Vla (The Little Mermaid), these directors built a handful of subversive, flamboyant and experimental new films based around classical communist approved surrealist literature; sidestepping creative compromise and uniting some of the leading lights of the FAMU founded film movement for the last time. Both musical scores courtesy of Lubos Fiser unite Valerie and Morgiana; sharing doppelgnger production and compositional ideas presented by Finders Keepers Records for the first time ever outside of the original context of the film.