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Various - Black Is Beltza 2: Ainhoa Lp

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[ENG]Ainhoa, daughter of Manex and Amanda, will embark on her journey of initiation in the mid-80s. In our country, when we talk about the 80s, how quickly words, images and a certain atmosphere come to everyone's mind (even to those of us who were born almost twenty years later). And between words, images and atmosphere, something else, pieces of a puzzle that would later help us to take a picture of the era, among other things: sounds, melodies, songs. Music, after all. Every step Ainhoa takes will be followed by a melody. The music will be, also in this case, the common thread to stitch together the different parts of the story. Needless to say, knowing the director of the film, it was foreseeable that the music would be in the foreground or very close to it. A collection of songs that will also put us out of our village. Perhaps it is more difficult for us to connect with languages and forms of music that touch us further away and to represent only with them the streets of Afghanistan or Lebanon in the 80s, for example. Most people will listen to these songs from an etic perspective, until we come to think that the last three songs are the same and the alarm of that perspective goes off. Redskins tell us about power from the UK and The Pogues combine traditional Irish melodies with Turkish flair. We will travel through Lebanon with the sweet melodies of Soapkills and Taniah Saleh, friends of Muguruza during his months in Beirut. The fundamentalists silenced the voices of the Afghans Bakht Zamina and Khan Qarabaghi, ending their lives, but as long as a people sings, you know, death is far away. The first sounds of Qarabaghi's singing brought to my mind the melodies of the bard of Itzaltzu. How far away but how close at the same time. We will approach Palestinian folklore accompanied by the voice of Amal Murkus and we will smell the streets of the south of France with the Marseille band Massilia Sound System, the sound system that performed in Pamplona in 1992 alongside Negu Gorriak. And we w...

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