Various - The Ring Orchestra Lp

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Release date: 3-6-2022
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Catalog number: PE28

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The Ring Orchestra is an eight-person effort, a collective coming together to tackle opera and one ofthe genres controversial poster boys. 18 compositions, the artists Born in Flamez, Gil Schneider,Simonne Jones, Leo Luchini, Legion Seven, P.A. Huelsenbeck, Isa GT, and Ixa create a collaborativemusical score that uses Richard Wagners Der Ring des Nibelungen as the point of departure.Originally, the music was created for a staging of Der Ring des Nibelungen at Schauspielhaus Zdirected by Christopher Rueping and written by Necati Oziri. Far from being an affirmative tribute, theorchestra sets out to deconstruct and break down what Wagner and his opus magnum represent:collaboration over singularity and openness instead of conservative rigidity. The resulting scoredoesnt shy away from ambivalence by decentralizing authorship and encompassing everything fromambient to pop, reggaeton, and a wider variety of non-western musical influences.* Edition of 300 double LPs incl. booklet