Trupa Trupa - Jolly New Songs Lp

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Catalog number: IDALP136
EAN code: 3521381543902
Release date: 27-10-2017

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2LP IN GATEFOLD SLEEVEINCL. DOWNLOAD-CARDNothing hurts harder than a surprise ending, and the title track of this album has a real face-slap of one. One minute you're in bliss, carried away in a crescendo of spine-tingling post-rock guitars and soft, wordless oohs, the next you're through - the song's out the door, down the street, pulling away from the kerb and into a new life.There are no Wonderwalls here. Instead we have Coffin, a uniquely morbid love song that comes in the form of a seriously ear-wormy pop ditty. "Lying with you, without a move, the coffin so smooth." Grzegorz cheerily croons, before the tune tumbles into a catchy major-chord chorus about burning trees, people and birds.You can dance to this album - check out the to-die-for funk groove that propels the Can-like Falling. You can trip out to it - check out the psychedelic meltdown that mutates the Wurlitzer fairground music of Only Good Weather into something dark and psyche-scarring.Sometimes it sounds like the end of the world (the bleak roar of Mist), but sometimes it sounds like the start of a new one (the unashamedly gorgeous To Me).