Talco - And The Winner Isn't Lp

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Catalog number: LP1311
EAN code: 4250137213118
Release date: 27-2-2018

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Social criticism, choroemania and the ultimate joy and passion to completely go bananas. If you wanted to characterize TALCO from Italy in one sentence, this would be the essence of it. In refenrence to MANU CHAO's patchanka-band MANU NEGRA, TALCO describe their very own progressive and enhanced blend of punk-rock-, folk-, latin- and ska-influences as ,punkchanka". It is that mixture of genres, that is characterized by anthemesque brass-attacks, up tempo-beats, punchy punk-rock guitars topped off with melodies in traditional and folk-styled manners, comprehended in refrains with strong hooklines.Like the predecessor SILENT TOWN (2015), AND THE WINNER ISN'T is a concept album. It deals with thirteen little episodes of human degradation, moral dubiousness, political abysms and the truth itself.