Quintal De Clorofila - O Mist?rio Dos Quintais Lp

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Catalog number: FD31
Release date: 2-9-2022

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[ENG]Stemming from a great legacy of poetry, Quintal de Clorofila was a duo from the south of Brazil composed by two musician brothers, Dimitri and Negendre Arbo, who turned their dad's poetry into music. In the album O Mist?rio dos Quintais, the two brothers presented a Brazilian Hippie Folk full of psychedelic touches a times with flanger effects, reverb and synthesizers, a times totally raw with medieval melodies, flutes and strings.The record goes with the original artwork, insert with lyrics plus unreleased photos including the one of the debut album O Mist?rio dos Quintais featuring the bird (a canary) that sang on stage with its own microphone.O Mist?rio dos Quintais was released originally in 1983 via a some sort of crowdfunding, before the term itself and even the existence of internet. Supporters who invested in the project had their names in the acknowledgements on the first edition insert. Given the fact that it was released independently, the purity and innocence of the Arbo brothers came to light and set them free to grace the listeners with sounds of nature, mysticism, influences from the Peru Andes and even some madness such as taking the family's bird (that was used to singing along with the brothers at their rehearsals at home) to then record in the studio.When the record was ready, the band realized that the record RPM was wrong. The songs were a bit faster, slightly 1/2 a pitch higher. However, it was too late, nothing else could've been done. Because they were a small band, the manufacturing plant refused to repress the records and they had to endure this. Almost 40 years later, Fatiado Discos present the first version of O Mist?rio dos Quintais in its original rotation speed, the right one.