No Strange - Il Sentiero Delle Tartarughe Lp

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Catalog number: APC63
EAN code: 3481575073113
Release date: 15-12-2017

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After celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their first album with a 10" titled Universi e Transparenze two years ago, the Turin combo is taking on a brand new album that shows how their artistic flair is lusher than ever. Here are the words of Federico Guglielmi to describe the new effort of the No Strange. The album is printed in vinyl format only with CD attached, including their recent book 'No Strange e Sogni Correlati in digital version as well as the download card."It might be trivial, but No Strange is the right substance to take for a great trip without enduring any side effects ... except for being forced to ask for a loan to buy their first records, if unfortunately one doesnt own them already. Luckily I have been following them since the days of their debut cassette, back in 1983, so this is not my case, and I can therefore continue to be intrigued and enchanted undisturbed by their impetuous musical traits; traits that, although not disdaining the melodies, leave them free to hover in a Milky Way of ethno-psychedelia, folk and avant-garde. The place from which Salvatore, Alberto and all the friends who worked with them over the years have fallen on Earth is pretty strange indeed, and its full of stimuli that are not just sound-related: No Strange make music for your ears, of course, but their songs also emit stroboscopic polychromes and exhale spices and incense. Beyond the specific traits of each of their creations, they have always been this way and we can assume they will be like this forever; therefore, it is a bit annoying to think that the fifteen years of the freezing of the project have deprived us of god knows what other magic.