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'Lunar Halo' saw release in late 2017 on cassette tape via the bands own in house label Organic Music Society. For vinyl the album has been mastered by Chris Hardman and comes with a download code which plays the 30 minute track 'Lunar Halo' as one complete piece. 'Lunar Halo' captures The Myrrors in full circular raga mode, transporting you from the rainy confines of Café Passe In Tucson, Arizona to the free flowing communal progg freakdom of late '60s/early '70s Scandinavia. One extended thirty minute transcendental improvisation cut over two sides of vinyl, as The Myrrors journey through ebbing cosmic shimmer to ecstatic pulsing ritual and Eastern drone, try imagining The Velvet Underground (with Angus Maclise) and Pärson Sound. Far fucking out!