Monsieurs, The - Deux Lp

€ 20.99

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Catalog number: 702LP202
EAN code: 0191061489023
Release date: 1-12-2017

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This is the second album by THE MONSIEURS, from Brookline, MA. It is called "Deux," and if you were expecting anything other than the heaping pile of distorted real rocknroll mess that youve come to know and love from Andy "California" Macbain and crew, then youve got another thing comin pal o mine. You get NOTHING new here but a fresh batch of tunes that somehow hasnt been pulled out of the pop swamp song book ass until now, delivered with the violent abandon of a dirty rat front man and the two bruising blonde foxes that are his driving force. Its never not a good time to slap a record like this on, and its always a good time when you slap a record like this on.