Mccagh, Daniel - Altered States Lp

€ 32.99

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Label: N5MD
Catalog number: MDLP282
EAN code: 0702224128217
Release date: 8-5-2020

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In sharp contrast to McCagh's commercial work for Huawei, Acura, and Volkswagen, "Altered States" is a detailed opening statement of experimental aural vignettes by an artist that has clearly spent the time to master his craft. Digitally manipulated acoustic instruments form the backbone for McCagh's wall-of-sound aesthetic painting pictures of bleak futures where the tracks dance, or more aptly, shiver their way to sharp collapse. In short, McCagh makes ambient music with teeth. A form of experimental music with soul, or faded formation of industrialized machine music shrouded by layers of aural gauze, each piece emotively twist-ing and turning in and out of focus. "Altered States" is a brilliant inaugural proclamation from artist to watch.