Kalamahara - Greener Fields Lp

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Thin Lizzy got snatched their instruments in a frenzy, The Atomic Bitchwax were damned to drag and Brant Bjorks driving the getaway car. Some incredible story? KALAMAHARAs made up one daring plan and is now indulging not only in the best parts of the sound but also in the haul. Moral? Ethics? Thats another matter. We choose a barbecue in hellfire with Hendrix over harp practise with Mother Teresa. The upcoming album ,Greener Fields" is about essentials, about strings and sense. A wall of sound with more facets than black and white. Kalamahara are creating a mixture of Kraut, Psychedelic and Stoner Rock, which is not be able to exist in one drawer only. Those three gentlemen devoured groove, inhaled some desert dust and explored their fathers record shelf thoroughly. They are united by their passion for heavy riffs, hustling grooves and their love of distortion and muff. Furthermore they are focused on wide sound landscapes with enough space for experiments and some tricky rhythms. ,Greener Fields" is a live recorded album which is mixed by Charlie Paschen (e.g. The Great Machine, Rotor, Wucan) and mastered by Willi Dammeier (e.g. Colour Haze). KALAMAHARA trash, shove and saw right through those quivering stage planks, that quake during their show like some grim-purring Vee 8. Long live the level-eleven volume-control and the old band busses floor pan. It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock'n'roll. Let's go for a ride but take your time!