Jakob Mind - The One That Got Away (blue) Lp

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Release date: 28-5-2021

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[ENG]Urban realism by a social outsider. Bittersweet melodies pumped through amplifiers as distorted as the mind of the person playing them. Or, simply put, "loser punk". Jakob Mind is Rotten Mind guitars and vocalist Jakob Arvidsson's newly established solo project. His debut album "The One Who Got Away" is released on vinyl.Jakob Arvidsson has been a prominent part of the Swedish punk scene for years, starting his career with hardcore punk band Agent Attitude in 2010. The band toured frequently in Europe and did a US tour in 2013. Agent Attitude managed to release three full length albums as well as an EP before breaking up in 2015. Jakob quickly moved on to form Rotten Mind, which to date is his most wide-known project. Their debut album "I'm Alone Even With You" was released in 2015 and was followed by tours across mainland Europe, UK, USA and Australia. Jakob has released a total of four albums with Rotten Mind.Shortly after Rotten Mind recorded their latest studio album "Rat City Dog Boy" (2020, L?vely Records), Jakob returned to the studio to record some new material. Back then, there was no real end goal with the project, other than making music for the sake of creating it. When Jakob posted a demo presenting one of the tracks "7 Days", this came to change. Fans of Rotten Mind as well as the label wanted to hear more, and it was soon decided that the new material deserved a proper release. So Jakob returned to the studio, and together with Jakob Blom (Real Tears, Sista Bussen), he recorded the songs that would end up on "The One Who Got Away".A fan of Rotten Mind will easily be able to recognize the sound and energy of the new tracks, but there's much more to it. Being able to follow his own, individual creative path, Jakob Mind naturally draws more inspiration from the bands and artists that he holds close. This includes John Cale and The Velvet Underground, Roky Erickson, as well as more obvious influences such as Buzzcocks, Wipers, Dead Boys and Ramones. Since all of the instruments ar...