Hidden Charms - Square Root Of Love Lp

€ 16.99

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Catalog number: SNATCH35
EAN code: 2090502664648
Release date: 5-5-2006

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180 g VINYL ONLY. Without any press the HIDDEN CHARMS scored a lot of fans with their debut 45 "Right Now" (OOP) on MY RUIN/ KLEINGELD in late 2004 as one of the rawest new bands already seen as the german counterpart of the REAL LOSERS. Those guys have been part of the gang anyway but now were forced to welcome them also with their musical output, were gladly paid the dues and release now their timeless first album on your favourite basement label. This three piece is Duniel on bass, Borge on drums (also DEAN DIRG) and guitarist and notorious snotty singer is Holger D. In his early teens he was the king of budget trash - compiling & distributing against any trend killer punkrock tapes, later running the now due total indigence defunct WILD WEEKEND label. They got no job - cleaned up red light clubs here, being the faster fired than hired mailman there or filed in for table rock tournaments with teentrash classics on friday nights.