Heldon - Un Reve Sans Cons

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Catalog number:FFL34
EAN code:3491570056127
Release date:15-12-2017

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Reissue of Heldon's fifth album, originally released in 1976 on the Cobra label. Intense, violent, bitter, abrasive, uncompromising: this recording is in keeping with the four predecessors, prefiguring both industrial- and post-rock, showing once again that the early references to "guerrilla electronics" (and to William S. Burroughs) were not in vain! Listening to this album it is easy to understand why Merzbow, Wolf Eyes and Oren Ambarchi, in the 2000s wanted to record with Richard Pinhas! It must also be noted that the often-made comparison between Heldon/Richard Pinhas and King Crimson/Robert Fripp, while still pertinent, is insufficient, as 'Un R