Heave Blood And Die - Vol. Ii (black) Lp

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Catalog number: BFTRS14
EAN code: 4046661533019
Release date: 19-1-2018

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Heave Blood & Die, from the cold white north, bring a soundtrack to the fast approaching doomsday. With a heavyguitar- and synth-driven sound, this album blows a breathof fresh air into the metal scene. 'Vol. II' is a truly interesting album from a band who continue to develope their special blend of doom. They draw their inspiration from bands such as Converge, Sunn, Pallbearer and YOB. Echoes from the past may still be heard in the band's sound, from Black Sabbath to Joy Division and Black Flag. Heave Blood & Die carries the torch onwards, mixing their varied taste in music with their doomy roots.