Fuzillis - Grind A Gogo Volume 1 Lp

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This non stop, rockandroll grind-a-go go machine was formed in London in late2014 and features the high energy rock and roll twang of guitar player Mr DanMartin; the sleazy, growly tenor sax-tones of Thomas "T-Mag" Maguire; thethunderous jungle rhythms of Wilco "The Hammer" van Eijk and the low downtones of the boss of the bass, Mr Frankie Fuzilli Sr.They mix up a sleazy atomic age rnr cocktail blending Link Wray and the craziestLas Vegas Grind tunes with a large shot of Grady Gaines' Upsetters, a dash of TheFabulous Wailers, a slice of Nick Curran and top it all off with the wildest tittytwistin' tunes on the Planet Earth.The Fuzillis... vintage, but not old fashioned. retro and fresh. one word instr-omentalgrind-a-go go party monsters wholl make you twist till your toes bleed.Ungawa, baby... UNGAWA!