Farfisa, Johnny - The Sky Is Falling. The Best Of Johnny Farfisa Lp

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Catalog number: MRLP375
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Release date: 1-12-2017

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File Under: File under: R&B/Garage/Blue-Eyed SoulObscure 1965-1968 recordings, most of them previously unreleased, by The Individuals, The Tokays andEuphorian Railway, bands which featured Andy Cahan aka Johnny Farfisa as main songwriter and organ player.Over those three years, Cahan and his teenage bandmates produced a remarkable set of R&B/garage/blue-eyed soul tracks of outstanding quality, collected here for the first time.As for his Johnny Farfisa alias, that originated with David Gibson of Moxie Records, who in 1980 released a seven-inch EP of The Individuals' mid-60s recordings titled "Johnny Farfisa's Greatest Hits": "He was the one who gave me the name Johnny Farfisa from the idea of combining Johnny Rotten and my Farfisa organ!".