Fake Indians - The Pest Lp

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Label: FONS
Catalog number: FONSLP59
EAN code: 3481575374975
Release date: 29-2-2020

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FAKE INDIANS have been trotting around the international underground scene for a few years now. Armed with crappy demotapes, they left a path of destruction from France to Holland and from Germany to England."Psychedelic noise rock slackers from Antwerp", they moan when being pressed facedown in the sand, a shotgun to the head."One celled music", a visitor wrote in the concert guestbook. Fake Indians were flattered. They use that now when being asked who or what they are."Music from an era when wild and unpolished sounds ruled our freak scene and indie was still punk", a concert promotor said. But maybe he was talking about the headliner.