Die! Die! Die! - Charm.offensive. Lp

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Catalog number:SOSLP162
EAN code:4260016921621
Release date:6-10-2017

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Die!Die!Die! are back. Charm.Offensive is the name of the baby. And there has been something about the sound of the New Zealand trio. The twelve new songs shift the focus to the reverberated, spherical shoegaze sound of their songs always inherited. The songs are calmer, less hectic, and still unleash the so-called Die!Die!Die! -typical bulky-flirting charm. It is this dealing with the topic of Noise, which after more than 10 years, Die!Die!Die!, and Charm.Offensive. in particular, makes so exciting and just as timeless. This not to stand still and looking for expression, this exploration of one's own boundaries and reinventing is a true pleasure, the more you are familiar with the output, the Trio founded in 2003 in Dunedin. Charm.Offensive. sounds more reflective, perhaps also more adult, without losing the familiarity of the earlier publications.