Daleks, The - Exterminate: 40 Years Too Late Lp

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Catalog number: DAMGOOD548
EAN code: 5020422054813
Release date: 2-7-2021

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Limited edition vinyl release featuring original Croydon punks The Daleks along with their associated bands Strictly Rockers and ViaVess!"... honest, heartfelt songs, steeped in earnest melancholy and charming naivete. Equal parts Menace, Members, Lurkers and Television Personalities""I started the group in the summer of 1977 after listeningto Rattus Narviticus about 100 times on a church youthclub holiday. Slimy Toad's brother, Nicky, who co-wrote"I'm a cunt" with me, had it on tape cassette. I rememberwe used to turn it right up in the middle of Ugly because Hugh Cornwall shouted "it's only the fucking rich that get to be good looking". And all the church leaders would have a right go at us. That was it. Had to start a band! Up until 1979 just I had a guitar although we had a drummer a singer and a bass player that were going to get their instruments it never happened. I had loads of the songs already written by the time the first other member with an instrument joined. Mark Adams (Bass), who later joined Case. Then Woodie joined and things started to move quickly with Gaz joining (the original singer). Nicky Fitzgerald, Slimy Toads brother, bailed out when it started to become a real thing. Then Dean replaced Mark Adams." - Eddie Turtle 2021"I was at school south of London in Caterham in the late '70s and used to hang out in Goodness Records each afternoon spending all my paper round money there. I'd seen 'The Daleks' sprayed on a wall in the town and got chatting to Eddie one day, they were looking for a drummer - The general consensus locally was that he was a great songwriter. I think theband name came from the end of Remote Control by the Clash - 'gonna be a Dalek... I obey!' There was quite a few line-up changes before the record, it was me that suggested Gaz as afront man. He'd just been expelled from my school for dying his hair and looked the part... yellow creepers to boot! It was him that did the artwork for the record sleeve and got all ourmates to get photo booth pictures...