Crocodile Candy - Enjoying The Moment Lp

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Label: EL TIO
Catalog number: CROENVN51
EAN code: 3760301216100
Release date: 2-7-2021

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Under the skin of this spiky reptile recently emerged from the parisien rock scene, you will find experienced musicians. Andalusian Manu Castillo on the guitar first appeared on the punk-rock scene in the 80's : (Wunderbach, La Souris Dglingue, Tio Manuel...) Margot Cassila, a singer with italian and yorkshire blood has sung with many bands in Paris and London: (Hot Pants, Invaders of the heart, KMF, DelMar, French Details .) The songs were written during the first lockdown, Manu and Margot exchanged music on internet. crocodile candy is the name of one of the first songs that was created and it became the name of the band. The album was recorded during the second lockdown at Garage 2.0 studio in Paris by Bernard Natier. Eleven songs with roaring guitars, soulful vocals and strong rhythm with the help of Gangxtah Da Magnificient on bass and Christophe Gaillot on drums. Uptempo with songs like : Save my soul, The bang zip zing, Enjoying the moment. Bluesy and soul with songs like : Buying junk on line, Half full, Special desire. Slower and hypnotic tempo for : Black out. Crocodile Candy's first album is named after one of the songs: Enjoying the moment. Why not, in spite of the times...