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Release date: 29-4-2022
EAN code: 0606822040219
Catalog number: FAR65

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RIYL: MINISTRY, KILLING JOKE, JOY DIVISION, MURDER CITY DEVILS, REVOLTING COCKS, ALIEN SEX FIEND, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIMWe've heard it dozens of times before - a band is ahead of their time, so ahead in fact, that they spend the majority of their career struggling to be understood. The public catches on eventually, years or decades later, and if they're fortunate, the band is able to enjoy their new found success. What we hear about considerably less, though, is an adventurous new act who happens to exist at the same time that the world is ready to accept them. Such is the case with CONVERT, the Milwaukeefive piece featuring former and current members of BURNING SONS, GET RAD, ASSAULT & BATTERY, and CRY COYOTE.While most of the aforementioned acts fit more squarely into a single descriptor, CONVERT blurs the lines of a variety of styles, combining elements of post punk, goth rock and electronic music into something that not only sounds fresh, but also incredibly current. Well timed or not, CONVERT is a band whose music suits the eclectic nature of the streaming era. Atmospheric and moody while also brash and aggressive, CONVERT's hybridized sound is one that sits well in a time where variety is the norm and the barriers of genres all but cease to exist. If Saves is any indicator, this could be the beginning of something far greater than simply being Milwaukee's best new act. You be the judge. CONVERT's debut LP, Saves, is slated for release on April 29, 2022 via Triple Eye Industries, Forge Again Records and Dog and Pony Records.First press LP limited to just 300 copies on blue and black vinyl pressed in the USA at Smashed Plastic (Chicago).