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"""Pessimists, nihilists, misanthropes and deadborns: the history of Celeste is just as it sounds: negative, gloomy and destructive. A sevenfold, life-denying deluxe noise-theatre."" This is Metal Hammer's conclusion on CELESTE's last album ""ANIMALE(S)"". Four years later, after more than ten years of existence and more than 300 shows all around the globe, CELESTE releases the highly anticipated follow-up, their sixth album ""INFIDELE(S)"".CELESTE, along with Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, may be considered as one of the most important bands of the worldwide famous French avant-garde black metal scene. However CELESTE's influences are so wide that this label does not do them justice. The spectrum of their sound is hard to define but at the same time easy to recognise by its uniqueness. As Metal.de puts it: ""CELESTE are gargantuan and obscure, mysteriously black. No ray of light can penetrate the darkness surrounding them. Yet, if you need a picture you should imagine 'ANIMALE(S)' as a faceless, gloomy monstrosity which uses its countless arms to pick elements from various musical pidgeon-holes without giving a shit whether it is black or doom metal, post-hardcore or sludge. The only thing which matters is that CELESTE successfully managed to follow their agenda with many more facets than on their first albums.""Not yet satisfied with the level of detail on ""ANIMALE(S)"", CELESTE have doubled their efforts in writing and producing ""INFIDELE(S)"". Thus their new album is by far their most diversified to date, showcasing ever richer melodies. While ""ANIMALE(S)"" was rather a cohesive concept album, on ""INFIDELE(S)"" each song is different and stands on its own. CELESTE have gone a long way from their relentless first albums where you could barely notice when a song finished and the next one started. Here we are facing 10 different absolute entities, each with its own character and emotion.As usual vocalist Johan worked closely with a photographer in order to create an artwork which matches...