Cb3 - Aeon Lp

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Catalog number: CRCLP18
EAN code: 7340148112375
Release date: 28-2-2020

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[ENG]- Five instrumental songs in 32 minute- CD in digipak- FFO: MaidaVale, Jimi Hendrix and King CrimsonStars above, evil below and fire in between. A trinity in peace for aeons. CB3 (Charlottas Burning Trio) is here to bring you on a journey with their explosive rock jams and mind-bending cosmic soundscapes. CB3 brings the spirit of psychedelic music to the 21th century; with a style that ranges from heavy psych rock jams like Jimi Hendrix to delicate atmospheric passages like Pink Floyd and progressive rhythms like King Crimson and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Close your eyes, set your mind free and drift away into the musical universe of CB3.