Callahan, David Lance - English Primitive Ii Lp
  • Callahan, David Lance - English Primitive Ii Lp

Callahan, David Lance - English Primitive Ii Lp

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[ENG]The follow-up to last year's first volume, English Primitive II continues the themes introduced previously in a harder, more electric and psychedelic style. The songs were mostly recorded during the same sessions but, if EPII showcased the 'songs of innocence', this new set comprises 'songs of experience'. Callahan's lyrical themes here are frequently the sleaze and corruption of our 'betters', the intentional and unintentional brutality meted out on those weaker and the sometimes perverse ways in which this happens. There are moments of reflection among the broken mirrors, but they allow scant solace or reassurance. Dressed in another of Scottish artist Pinkie McClure's witty and detailed stained glass creations and recorded at home and under a railway arch, EPII rises above its origins and invades the wider world, in all its colour, gritand glory. Each song serves as a monument to its internal tale - in fact, the whole LP is as much a collection of musical short stories as it is an album of songs. Opening with Invisible Man, the impression of a regular person with hidden grievances, biding his time and waiting to lash out is given. Waves of distant samples ebb and fall as the warped guitars swell and crash behind the main themes.

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