Broken Waltz - A Mysterious Land Of Happiness Lp

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Catalog number: BRLP306
EAN code: 4059251438434
Release date: 15-1-2021

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[ENG]Limited Coloured Vinyl !Brocken Waltz is Buck. Buck changed its name for Brocken Waltz. Long live Brocken Waltz!Dark and martial, stormy and pagan, the sinister and oppressing Broken Waltz' boogie causes cold fever, cold like the Joy Division remains lost in the bayou or on the Delta shore. The maleficent ride of this voodoo gang takes today the back road surveyed by The Grinderman by Nick Cave, The Tom Waits' junk, the Cramps' rock-a-boogie or the Suicide synth-blues. The duo drum'n bass (Xavier Soulabail / Cl?ment Palant) revels in organs and saxophone, the texts and the tormented voice resonate under a disturbing moonlight. A bewitching Last Night Boogie!