Brecht, Ameel - 8 -infinities Lp

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Catalog number: TRANSLP9
EAN code: 2090405498340
Release date: 2-7-2021

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Stepping away from customary North-American guitar traditions, Ameel Brecht (core member of Razen) presents an utterly singular take on early European music with an album which evokes the inner conflicts of growing up and their connection to the concerns of fatherhood.A classically trained musician, Brecht resorts once again to the use of resophonic guitars and mandolins as a way of finding a middle ground between the virtues of being a schooled musician and the ability to escape pre-established tendencies in pursuit of what he has referred to as metaphysical freeform string music.Additionally, the album features a series of fascinating and subtly merged contributions by label associates Marnie and Jabir, along with Robert Rutmans distinguished steel cello and Walter Hus automated glockenspiel. Echoing the likes of Renaissance and Baroque music on plucked instruments, Brecht assembles here a collection of timeless compositions.