Bench Press - Not The Past, Can't Be The Future Lp

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Catalog number: PCRLP159
EAN code: 0806809671294
Release date: 28-6-2019

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[ENG]On their second full-length, Bench Press have refined their sound by maintaining some the frantic aggression of their self-titled debut, but have also brought a tighter approach to both melodicism and structure. Almost every song clocks in at under three minutes as a testament to their 'don't bore us, get to the chorus' philosophy. Bench Press project the wirey minimalism of early Talking Heads and Devo through a lens of heavier late-80s contemporary post-punk in a distinct shade of Melbourne garage. What was once easily categorised as post-punk can just as accurately be described as 'really, really loud pop music' and it's really, really good. Recorded & mixed by Paul Maybury (Cable Ties, Loose Tooth, Rocket Science). Mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control/ Eddy Current).FOR FANS OF: Gang Of Four, IDLES, Fugazi