Barrie - 5k -goldfish Color Vinyl- Lp
  • Barrie - 5k -goldfish Color Vinyl- Lp

Barrie - 5k -goldfish Color Vinyl- Lp

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"Goldfish" Indie Store Exclusive Color VinylBrooklyn-based musician and producer Barrie Lindsay,known simply as Barrie, has a passion for creating left-of-centerpop music. She spends her days writing songs and tinkeringin Logic, stockpiling her creations in a vast archive offolders and hard drives. When it came time to select thesongs for her sophomore LP, `Barbara,' she narrowed it downto sixteen tracks. As the record came together, it becameclear that there would be two separate projects - the firstbeing `Barbara,' an emotionally charged collection of songsdealing with the loss of a parent, the love of a new partner, andfinding one's own identity. The remaining five tracks, whichwere more light-hearted and o the cu, were compiled into anew project titled `5K.'As an avid runner, Barrie named the EP after the common footrace. The aptly titled lead single, "Races," is a delightfulsynth-pop track in a unique 12/8 time, built around a bombasticdrum kit and giddy key ris. "Nocturne Interlude" acts as asegue between `Barbara' and `5K,' showcasing a hauntingmelody amidst dark brass-like synths. Second half highlight"Ghost World" has a distorted guitar ri and classic drumpattern that evokes a forgotten 90's radio b-side. The songwas recorded entirely by Barrie herself, serving as her ownband on guitar, bass, keys, and drum kit. Even though mostpeople would finish listening to the project front to backbefore finishing a 5k run, the short, sweet, and melodically richEP begs to be replayed over and over. With `5K,' Barrie showcasesher versatility as an artist, closing the loop between thesounds found on her debut LP `Happy To Be Here' and herfollow-up `Barbara'.

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