Agnostic Front - Something's Gotta Give Lp

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[ENG]Originally released as a one-time pressing (yet on a variety of colors) by Epitaph Records back in 1998, this masterpiece hasn't received any represses since_ until now! Because STRENGTH RECORDS is extremely proud to inform you that we have officially licensed ALL of AGNOSTIC FRONT's albums released by Epitaph Records - including the most anticipated of them all, the anthemic hard-hitter "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE"!Though originally released 20 years ago already (time sure does flies), the mix of crude New York Hardcore and Oi!'ish sing-along anthems hasn't lost any of its impact, remaining crucial - and for quite a few AGNOSTIC FRONT's favorite album - until this very day! Including the band's biggest hit "Gotta Go" (over 7 million views on YouTube and counting!), "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE" features a total of 15 scorchers, all making sure this was the best comeback-album the pioneers of New York Hardcore could ever make! A must-have in every punk's, skin's or hardcore kid's record collection!