Various - Italia New Wave Lp

€ 24.99

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Release date: 24-12-2021
EAN code: 8033706210314
Catalog number: SPITTLE31

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What exactly happened in the Italian underground / post punk scene 30 years ago, is not entirely clear. Therefore, this collection of 13 incredible tunes helps tracking down the feeling and focuses on the blurry images of a period that was mixing influences from the UK/USA scenes with a more "national" approach to new music developments. The damage began in 1977 when a series of urban / suburban musical agitators, whether skilled or complete amateurs, decided to embrace instruments as weapons for a war against sonic stereotypes. Heres the result: a multiform sonic attack that marks the history of a movement that may have remained local in most cases but whose echo reflected the amazing creativity of a generation. Vinyl (shorter) version of the double CD with the same name (SPITTLE29), featuring 5 previously unreleased / never on vinyl tracks and not present on the CD!