Crash Normal - Your Body Got A Land Lp

€ 23.99

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Release date: 10-4-2012
EAN code: 2090503700093
Catalog number: BB43

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Between garage-punk and electro trash. Crash Crash Normal is a duo. These guys drop their sound of rusty nails that hit the audience like rain. Echos and reverbs fight, the drum machine gets killed by the fuzz pedal. Low frequencies slither around you like a snake. No bassplayer. Only two guitars to fill the space left in the room. Real drums win the battle over drum machines at the end. Head band from the new norvegien records label Compost Modern Art recordings, they shared the bill with Sic alps, The Intelligence, Alan Vega, Ty Segall, The Mayyors, The Spits, Kid congo, Davila 66, BBQ, Wounded Lion, Human Eyes, the Cave, Crystal Stilts.Limited to 300 copies.