Timothy Eerie - I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me/acid Lake 7"

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Catalog number: HYP31
EAN code: 2090505139594
Release date: 22-11-2021

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"Psych pop with deep grooves and endless ego deaths..." It's no accident the name Timothy Eerie is so close to that of Timothy Leary. This is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. Since their first release in 2017, these day-glo denizens of the (Orange) Sunshine State have been kicking around the underground, making quite a name for themselves in a short period of time. Like many bands of this genre, there's been a revolving door of players, but that only lends to the mystique of Timothy Eerie's sound: a sound that started as a bedroom recording project and has now moved far beyond the bedroom. 'I Fear The Void Is Waiting For Me' (inspired by a serious dose of mushrooms and the resulting experience of dissolution and rebirth) and 'Acid Lake' were both recorded in a few different places. Bass, drums and rhythm guitar were tracked live at a studio on a college campus. The band slipped into BB King's as they were closing one night and recorded the organ parts on a vintage Hammond and Leslie setup in about 15 minutes. The vocals and other overdubs were all done in the bedrooms of the various band members. The idea was to make the songs sounds as loud, fast and energetic as they sound live.