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Catalog number: HYP29
Release date: 5-8-2021
EAN code: 2090505106626

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Reflecting the brilliance of the desert sun shimmering over Tucson, Arizona, The Resonars have been making some of America's finest '60s-inspired psych-spiked pop since the turn of the millennium. Led by multi-instrumentalist Matt Rendon, the band draws inspiration from The Who, The Hollies, and the cream of the British Invasion, channeling mod, proto-power-pop and pop-psych sounds into a consistently strong set of psychedelic garage-pop. Immersed in the rural pop-psych glory of 'Younger Than Yesterday'-era Byrds, the irrepressible 'Gold To Blue' proves the time between 1967 and 2021 is but the blink of a blissed-out eye. With a soaring power pop intensity that belies its dark, eponymous topic, 'Little Grey Men' chronicles an era in which we are constantly observed and analyzed - an anthem for our time that challenges the corrupt cabal who cling to power, envying and fearing the smartness and vitality of the young. An epic enigma of arcane imagery since it was first released in 1965, Richard Fari?a's timeless folk-rock classic, 'Bold Marauder' has been covered by musicians as diverse as John Kay and Kendra Smith. The Resonars bring an unparalleled potency to the song, amplifying the feverish fervor of the lyrics with a psychedelic, guitar-driven assault that conjures up Blue Cheer launching an acid-folk crusade.