Ravan, Genya (featuring Nile Rodgers)/shang Hi Los, The - Split - I Who Have Nothing/sway Little Player (clear Vinyl) 7"

€ 21.99

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Label: RUM BAR
Catalog number: RUMC87
EAN code: 0706091202001
Release date: 14-5-2021

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[ENG]Available On White And On Clear Vinyl (this)! Very Limited Edition 7" release from a trailblazing ICON, Genya Ravan featuring Nile Rodgers on Guitar and one of Genya's favorite new bands The Shang Hi Lo's fronted by vocalist Jenny Dee. 7" Features a Download Card to both tracks, plus a bonus track from Genya Ravan and The Shang Hi Los' debut EP release Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit // "While Recording 'I Who Have Nothing'_..I thought Who better than Nile Rodgers to give me the genuine R&B Groove this song needed_I knew the guitar player for me had be 'Nile Rodgers! I sent him an email and he called me right back! I sent him the basic tracks and without hesitation, his reply was "Yes" he would play the rhythm tracks. Did he ever!!!!!I I admire him and all music he has ever played on. Example: Diana Ross -Madonna -David Bowie Joss Stone-Mick Jagger the list is too long to continue. If any one can ' Rock and Chug' its Nile The proof is in this recording." Genya Ravan // "First of all, your version of "I Who Have Nothing" is nothing short of a masterpiece. You have given the song a new life, especially the line "What a bitch! What a bitch!" Your voice has a different timbre to it, and it resonates like never before. Congratulations!" Richard Perry // "I'm more than a casual fan. I've seen Jen D'angora(The Dents,The Downbeat 5, Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents), Dan Kopko(Watts), and Lee Harrington (The Neighborhoods), play live more times than I can count. I have all their records,they are among the best bands to come out of Boston !! So it comes as no surprise to me that when Dan, Jen, Lee and Chuck Ferreira formed the Shang Hi-Los...great thing would happen. It's a slightly different sound than anything they've done before but still fantastic !! The single Sway Little Player is just the start, get on board." Skybar, Rising-WMFO // Tracks : A. Genya Ravan featuring Nile Rodgers - I Who Have Nothing B. The Shang Hi Los - Sway Little Player.