Pajares, Andres/marta Baizan, Miguel Rios + Los Impala - Dracula Yeye/caperucita Yeye 7"

€ 16.99

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Catalog number: MR7346
Release date: 4-3-2022
EAN code: 8435008873462

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FINALLY, the highly sought-after and fun Dracula Yeye by Andres Pajares is being officially reissued on a 7" vinyl single for the first time. The version recorded by the Spanish band Doctor Explosin in the 90s helped to popularize this song that has already achieved the status of garage-yeye holy grail.On the B side the stunning garage-beat number Caperucita Yeye brings together some of the best artists of the Spanish-sung yeye scene of the 60s: singers Marta Baizan, Miguel Rios and the Venezuelan garage band Los Impala.Two highly sought-after garage-yeye songs on a double-A-side single, essential for lovers of 60s sounds.