Kinski/japanische Kampfhorspiele - Tributor 7"

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Release date: 10-6-2022
EAN code: 3481575523472
Catalog number: BE137

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Thrash Metal is the Rock'n'Roll of the Eighties. There are the. Musicologists agree. Whether Grind Core is the Thrash Metal of the Two thousand twenties, on the other hand, has not yet been conclusively clarified. To get this discussion a little rolling, KINSKI and JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE now each interpreted one KREATOR piece and press on a common split 7":Become a musicologist too! Order the on a few hundredCopies limited Split ( and join the discussion! Yes, in the social networks. Why not something serious instead of always just messing around and getting yourself market? Also on the question of whether JAKA is really a grind band, you can exchange ideas there and maybe even finally clarify. But please in an intellectually honest way, okay?!By the way, the cover artwork of the split has the only die-hard known Hektar Fischrot made according to a design by the young JUrgen Reil. How do you find the implementation? Let everyone know!