Kidbug - Extratool 5-6 7"

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EAN code: 9789059397255
Catalog number: BP170
Release date: 22-4-2022

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n the residency series Extratool, Extrapool hands over its sound studio to a musician or (sound) artist for a few days. This person then invites a colleague to collaborate on two new compositions. At the centre of this series is Yuri Landman's range of instruments: string and percussion instruments on which coloured dots indicate harmonic divisions that deepen and colour the various sounds. ?During two weekends in March of 2021 Marina Tadic took it upon herself to work on this third iteration. She asked Adam Harding to collaborate. Together they are the heart of the band Kidbug. ???Marina Tadic and Adam Harding: "Endless Waves" was written and recorded exclusively on Yuris microtonal instruments, with our bandmate Thor Harris adding percussion, bowed cymbal and other objects from his home in Austin, Texas. ??"Cloudbursting" is a more conventional Kidbug song, written on electric guitar in open tuning. We utilized Yuris instruments to add atmospherics to the song, along with hacked telephone for vocals. Our US bandmates contributed their parts remotely, with Thor in Austin, and Bobb Bruno in Los Angeles.