Ford's Fuzz Inferno - Flog Yourself With Fuzz E.p. 7"

€ 14.99

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Catalog number: SUCA3
EAN code: 2090505131352
Release date: 8-12-2021

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Mister Hans and Mister Patrick, a.k.a. Dutch 'fuzztopian' drums-and-guitar duo Ford's Fuzz Inferno, return with their second EP of hard hitting, hi-energy punk rock awesomeness. Their 'Deniers Of Fuzz Will Be Executed' debut-EP was among the most surprising and impressive punk releases of 2021 and received rave reviews from a.o. Fear And Loathing Fanzine, Maximum Rocknroll, Issue Punkzine a.m.m. And this next delivery is even better! The furious, double-fuzz guitar sound remains a dominating factor, but this time around the songs are more diverse, melodic and adventurous. You get four totally scorching tracks, each of 'em super catchy, utterly sensational, rather unique and very, very punk!SIDE 1:1. Maggots & Flies2. Roomful Of DoubtSIDE 2:1. In A Void2. Throwing Stones At Drones