Crossbringer/treha Sektori - Masked God 7"

€ 17.99

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Catalog number: SOUL176
EAN code: 3481575500961
Release date: 3-12-2021

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It almost seems like an unlikely marriage between both bands. Treha Sektori is of course known for his extraordinary soundscapes and ambient contemplations.Very subtle, almost vulnerable. This while Crossbringer comes at you, all guns blazing, and will not let go until your face has melted.Yet somehow, the collaboration sets ominous sparks flying through the room. The eerie ambiance that is added to Crossbringers signature sound is captivating and haunting.Be sure to take a deep in the dark with them!7" is limited world wide to 300 copies.For fans ofYoung and in the Way, Oathbreaker, Wowod, Terzij de Horde