Conspiracy, The - Dream World / With You 7"

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Release date: 1-3-2019

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[ENG]The Conspiracy hailed from Mount Pleasant, a college town in the center ofMichigan. Originally formed as The Allusions, they became Nino & The Nomadsbefore changing their name to The Conspiracy in 1966. For the next few years thegroup stayed busy on the live circuit. "We were booked all over the state,"remembers singer Aquilino Soriano. "Every weekend we'd be somewhere. We wereabout two and a half hours from Detroit, so we'd go down south, we'd go up north;we'd go everywhere. There was this network of teen clubs where kids didn't have tobe 21 and everybody could go. It was fantastic."In 1967 the group had what Aquilino describes as "probably our apex moment".Kustom Amplifiers sponsored a statewide Battle of the Bands tournament, and TheConspiracy battled through several rounds of competition to make it all the way tothe finals in Saginaw. "It was a statewide thing that culminated there," remembersAquilino. "Question Mark & The Mysterians and a couple of others that werenotables were also in it - and we won it! We got our award from Bob Seger." Theprize was thousands of dollars worth of gigs and a tuck and roll Kustom PA system,which the band put to use as they moved forward into 1968, brimming withconfidence.A roving Capitol A&R man caught their show in Cadillac, Michigan, and encouragedthem to write some original songs and go into the studio. So in 1968 that's what theydid. `Dream World' and `With You' were recorded at a studio in Grand Rapids andthe session turned out exceptionally well. "It just floored me that we didn't sit downand write some more songs," says Aquilino, "because I thought we did a pretty goodjob." `Dream World' is particularly great with a soulful lead vocal, an insistent fuzzguitar line, waves of Hammond organ, a catchy, harmonized chorus and an insistentdance groove. Shades of The Doors, The Young Rascals, The Blues Magoos and SRC.A mixdown of the tape was forwarded to their contact at Capitol Records, butultimately no deal w...