Blackneedles - Blackneedles 7"

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Release date: 30-9-2008
EAN code: 3481573914753
Catalog number: GROO11

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Jonas Serodio (ex-THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA) guitar, bass and vox and Fred Hila on the Drums. Its a two musicians combo from Sao Paulo, Brasil, and they build their songs from elements of punk, garage, rockabilly, guided by the spirit of Nick Cave, Henry Miller, Richard Hell, Television and other underground heroes. Here they play 4 song at maximum garage rock style. The BlackNeedles will be around at October/November 2008 for a extended tour in Europe. At live concerts the band presents only drums and guitar at full rage. The 7" comes in a deluxe rounded cover at limited edition for this 2008 tour.